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09 Sep 2011

Point of Rocks, MF Style

My new favorite way to spend time alone is to throw my medium format gear into the car and drive until I figure out where I want to be. The next time you find yourself at home with nothing to do (or even worse… spending your time doing nothing worthwhile!) consider going for a drive with a camera. It is surprisingly liberating and I promise that you will rediscover your sense of adventure. Point of Rocks is a beautiful and […]

01 Sep 2011

Annandale Community Park

As many of you may know, I have been doing a good amount of my time lately working on personal projects. On Monday I challenged myself to go out with a single roll of 120 for thirty minutes and to come back happy with all ten exposures. I went to Annandale Community Park in Annandale, Virginia. I chose this park because of its heavy tree cover, the direction of the sun in the afternoon, and because of its size. Though […]

25 Aug 2011

Burke Lake, Medium Format

A few weeks ago I finally decided to indulge and buy a medium format kit. After careful consideration I decided to go with a Mamiya RB67 SD-Pro. With its rotating back, workhorse status, and inexpensive lenses this body really, truly delivers. I have spent a lot of my personal time walking and shooting in Burke Lake Park – it’s calm and peaceful and there are rarely any people who will question or interrupt you. Here are some images, scanned with […]

13 Aug 2011

Rochelle and Jade

Rochelle is an up-and-coming model hailing from Minnesota who has been living in Arlington, VA for the past year. She is currently signed with Wilhelmina of PA. Rochelle’s Stats: Height: 5’10”  /  175 cm Weight: 130 lb  /  59.1 kg Waist: 29″ Pants: 4 Dress: 4 Bust: 32B Shoe: 7.5 US Rochelle’s shots taken with a Canon 5DII and a 70-200 F/4L lens. Lighting was done mostly with a beauty dish as key and a large softbox as fill. A […]

07 Aug 2011

Lucy’s Music Pit

I had the pleasure of photographing a few bands last night during an event at The Soundry in Vienna, Virginia. Lucy’s Music Pit boasted an astoundingly impressive 17 local acts that played from 6 pm on Saturday the 6th to 6 a.m. on Sunday the 7th. For those who have yet to visit The Soundry, go! I consider it the friendliest and most supportive hub for musicians, artists, and their fans in the area. Their staff is incredibly friendly as […]

12 Jul 2011

Dominique Benjamin

I was recently contacted by model Dominique Benjamin for new portfolio images. Originally from Trinidad, the currently unsigned 20 year old Brooklyn kid has got some serious work ethic, a great personality, and huge potential. I wanted to focus mainly on his skin and physique. Dom’s Stats: Height: 6’1″  /  185 cm Weight: 168 lb  /  76.2 kg Waist: 32″  Inseam: 34″ Chest: 38″ Shoe: 12 US  /  46 EUR All images were shot with a Canon 5DII and 70-200 […]

08 Jul 2011

Balmy Thursday Night

Joseph has been assisting me in the past few shoots and came over today for some test shots, as I had recently purchased another AB800. We tested some lighting setups and quite liked the output! All were shot @ f/6.3 and 1/125 sec shutter speed on a Canon 5DII.

27 Jun 2011

Models Can Be Scary…

Christina came over today for a quick headshot – a great excuse to practice more lighting. First image was shot with a Canon 5DII and a 70-200 mm f/4L @ 105mm and f/9. Beauty dish up and slightly camera right feathered slightly with a large softbox below (think clamshell). Reflector camera left to add highlights to the hair. This next image was also shot with a Canon 5DII and a 70-200 mm f/4L. It was created @ 94mm and f/9. Same […]

15 Jun 2011

Protected: Dr. Horn’s Slideshow!

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13 Jun 2011

Christina in Purple

Back with a few more pictures with Christina, this time in varying degrees of purple. I played around with the idea of giving her a purple undertone to her hair in the first image and think it works. Images were taken with a Canon 5DII and Sigma 85 f/1.4 @ ISO 100, f/4.5, 1/125s lit with two AB800s – one with a beauty dish and the other with a large softbox.