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31 Jan 2014

Leap of Faith

Oh snap, real talk. I know I’ve been under the radar for the past few months, I’d like to make a small announcement. Today I finished my last full work week at Children’s National. I presented my two week notice last Wednesday and my last day of employment be this coming Wednesday, February 5th. I have worked at Children’s for a touch over five years.   I have decided to take a chance on myself. I am taking the leap […]

09 Aug 2013

These Songs Are For You – Celebrating The Life of Sean Albert Meyers Part II @ Jammin’ Java – July 27th

The last entry I posted covered the first night of a two-day memorial event for Sean Meyers. Sean was the awesome amazing bassist for local band Norman Rockwell, super great open mic host, and all-around good guy. This extra short entry is for night two. Enjoy! Here is the link to the Facebook Gallery (low quality image).

04 Aug 2013

These Songs Are For You – Celebrating The Life of Sean Albert Meyers Part I @ Jammin’ Java – July 26th

This past weekend I had the great opportunity of covering a two-day memorial event at Jammin’ Java. “These Songs For You – Celebrating The Life of Sean Albert Meyers” was a follow up show thought up of by Normal Rockwell drummer (and all around great guy) Nate Read. You may remember that I shot the State Theatre show in Sean’s honor earlier in February. The idea behind this two-part show was to have musicians who knew Sean cover a number of his […]

11 Apr 2013

Aya Lorenz

Aya Lorenz is a new, up-and-coming model based in the DMV area. A student of architecture, she has a passion for her work and also for fashion, product design, and visual arts. We were able to coordinate a no-frills outdoor photoshoot and are already planning our next shoot. Aya’s stats: Height: 5’3″ / 160 cm Weight: 109 lbs / 49.4 kg Bust: 32″ / 81 cm Waist: 24″/ 61 cm Hips: 34″/ 86 cm Dress: 4 – 6 Shoe : 7 […]

10 Mar 2013

Second Annual Skate for Catherine

The Catherine Elizabeth Blair Memorial Fund is a local non-profit dedicated to raising funds for developing treatments for the childhood cancer neuroblastoma. Last year the foundation held its first benefit event – “Skate for Catherine!” – on March 1st at Kettler Capitals Iceplex in Arlington, Virginia (blog entry here). I had the honor of shooting their event again this year this past Friday, March 8th. Here are some of the photos! You can click on each for a larger version. […]

25 Feb 2013

Sonia Coonen, Part II: Medium Format Film

Last week I published a set of photos that model Sonia Coonen and I created with digital camera. This set of photos are the analog images that were made. The film used was Kodak Portra 400 at ISO400. The camera used was a Mamiya RB67 Pro-SD and the images were shot with a 90mm and 190mm pair of lenses. There truly is nothing that matches the beauty of real film. The process, the chemistry, the anticipation, and the image. With digital […]

19 Feb 2013

Sonia Coonen, Part I: Digital

I had the pleasure of shooting with model Sonia Coonen this past Saturday. We had contacted each other on Model Mayhem and agreed to meet the next day for some test photos. Though a bit bright, the day was fortunately evenly overcast and lent itself nicely to our use. Sonia has a great look and attitude. We hit it off nicely and were able to shoot digital and medium format film images. This entry will feature images shot digitally with […]

08 Feb 2013

The Sean Meyers Memorial Extravaganza: Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell is a band that knows how to get down. The band, formed in the damp warmth of poorly ventilated and heavily cramped open mic known as the Soundry, is the combined force of Josh Johnston, Ben Hirsch, Nathan Read, and the late great Sean Meyers. Sean, who unexpectedly passed away this past November, was memorialized this past Friday at The State Theatre in Falls Church, Virginia. Sean, the baby faced and magnanimous host of that open mic was […]

07 Feb 2013

The Sean Meyers Memorial Extravaganza: The Family Plots

This past Friday I had the pleasure of watching some of my amazing friends perform at The State Theatre in Falls Church in memory of an amazing guy, Sean Meyers. Sean was the bassist of one of the performing bands, Norman Rockwell. I knew Sean originally from the Soundry in Vienna, Virginia – he hosted a great open mic there for years before it migrated to Epicure Cafe in Fairfax after the Soundry sadly closed its doors. Sean was an amazing and […]

19 Dec 2012

A Wandering Roll of 120

I love medium format. Film is my absolute favorite way to shoot. Photos were all made from a single roll of Ektar 100 shot with a Mamiya RB67 SD Pro. First three captures were taken in September at Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania, the next four at the National Shrine Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in Maryland (a really neat roadside stop, even for a heathen like me), and the last three frames were shot in December outside […]