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04 Nov 2010

Halloween, Stinkbugs, and Shaving!

Hope everybody has been doing well and is keeping busy! Halloween has come and gone – another five costumes this year at the clinic! Did a charity shoot for Life with Cancer‘s Teen Halloween Party, where Marisa read palms and gave fortunes! Last but not least, a couple of coworkers and I will be shaving our heads this weekend for the 2nd Annual Be Brave and Shave event! The money raised through this event goes towards cancer research at Children’s […]

21 Sep 2010

Busy Summer!

I can’t believe it’s been three months since my last update! I’ve been slacking, I know. The summer has been chock-full of events, memories, and tons of pictures. Here are two from a family trip to Chincoteague, VA. I promise to have a real post soon!

23 Jun 2010

One Picture’s Journey

This post comes a bit late but I’ve definitely been busy juggling work, school, and shooting! I took this picture a while back during former Miss Virginia’s visit to our clinic. It was actually a candid that I was able to capture – the planets definitely aligned on this one.  The expressions, placement, and lighting (580 EX II bounced off ceiling) all made for a great image. A few weeks after taking the picture and sharing it with those involved […]

11 May 2010

Jade’s Photoshoot

Had a quick and very impromptu photoshoot with my friend Jade while she was in town.  Lighting setup consisted of an AB800 with a white umbrella to camera right with a white reflector to camera left. Background lit with another AB800. Overall a very fun and productive shoot!

26 Apr 2010

DC Street Walk

Went into D.C. with my friend Jade and ended up having quite the journey. When we arrived at the Lincoln Memorial we found ourselves in the front row of a concert commemorating the 65th anniversary of Elbe Day, featuring members of the USMC Band and members of the Russian military band and choir. After the concert we made our way through the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Korean War Veterans Memorial. Ended up eating at Zed’s in D.C. After all […]

16 Mar 2010

Look out, ASMP.

New guy in the hoouseeeeee! Hello, my name is ASMP Member #28665. It’s very nice to meet you.

14 Mar 2010

Hello world!

…and with the single click of a button, a blog is born.