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09 Jun 2011

Christina’s Red Dress

I had the pleasure of photographing an old friend today and the results were stunning and very dramatic. Most of the images were only color corrected – the fourth image had exposure and curve masks applied. Images were taken with a Canon 5DII and Sigma 85 f/1.4 @ ISO 100, f/3.2-4.5, 1/125s lit with two AB800s – one with a beauty dish and the other with a large softbox.

14 Apr 2011

Yuri’s Night Open Mic @ The Soundry

I’ve spent a good number of my Tuesday nights in the past two or three years at the Soundry’s open mic. It’s more laid back and is more geared towards music appreciation and having a good time than anything else. Not only is the staff friendly and their coffee awesome, their mango smoothies are pretty amazing as well. Here are some shots from the past two weeks – this past week being the Official Yuri’s Night World Space Party open […]

12 Apr 2011


Sometimes you see the path ahead of you and know that it’s the one.

06 Apr 2011

Spring is Back

The daffodils are here!

04 Apr 2011

Fountainhead Regional Park

Marisa and I have been hiking every week for the past two months or so. It’s a great way to exercise, relieve stress, enjoy nature, bond, and find photo-ops! It is simply amazing the things you’d miss if you didn’t take the time to look around.

17 Mar 2011

Burnt Mills Dam

I had a class in Silver Spring, Maryland this past Tuesday and made note of a very scenic dam off of Colesville Road. I definitely made a point to stop and take a few snaps on the way home. These shots are of Burnt Mills Dam, which is a part of the Rachel Carson Greenway Trail. Shot with a 5DII and 17-40 f/4 L with B+W circular polarizing and ND8 filters. Please feel free to click on each image to view […]

13 Mar 2011

Shenandoah/DC Weekend

Spent the weekend a bit under the weather but managed to spend a ton of time outside (it was our 2 year anniversary, after all!). Saturday we went to two estate sales – the first was at a home owned by a former geisha and the second was the home of the former deputy director of the IRS. I was able to snag three original paintings for $10 and Marisa found a really nice kimono for $25.  Went and got […]

05 Mar 2011

Photos in the Park :)

Went to Lake Accotink with Marisa today – all images straight OOC except for a bit of touch-up, WB and dodge/burn on the third one (a reflector would’ve helped!). It’s always humbling to find yourself in perfect natural light. Comparing the amount of money and time we spend on lighting equipment and the effortless way in which nature works really puts things into perspective.

19 Dec 2010

It’s been a busy month!

Hey all – long time no update, huh? It’s been a very busy month for me – I feel as if I haven’t had a day for myself but am perfectly fine with that (for now!).  Here are a few random shots from the past week. Hope to update soon!

12 Nov 2010

We’ve Shaved!

Hey all! It’s been a super busy few days! WE DID IT! We were able to raise (as of right now) $6,500 for pediatric cancer research this past Sunday by shaving our heads! The “Be Brave and Shave” event was a ton of fun and very personally fulfilling. Here are the before and after pics (click each for big)! Click here for flash link to all of the pictures below! Before! After! A million thanks to all of our friends, families, […]