We’ve Shaved!

Hey all! It’s been a super busy few days!

WE DID IT! We were able to raise (as of right now) $6,500 for pediatric cancer research this past Sunday by shaving our heads! The “Be Brave and Shave” event was a ton of fun and very personally fulfilling. Here are the before and after pics (click each for big)! Click here for flash link to all of the pictures below!


Jae, Kimber, Nicole, Gretchen before the shave!


Jae, Kimber, Nicole, Gretchen after the shave!

Three Dames and a Dude, Post-Shave

A million thanks to all of our friends, families, co-workers, and patients (our inspiration) for all of their support! The feedback we have gotten has been astounding and the number of people I talk to about the head and the reason why I’m bald grows daily.  The fundraising page is still open for donations so if you haven’t given… just do it!

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