Halloween, Stinkbugs, and Shaving!

Hope everybody has been doing well and is keeping busy!

Halloween has come and gone – another five costumes this year at the clinic! Did a charity shoot for Life with Cancer‘s Teen Halloween Party, where Marisa read palms and gave fortunes!

Last but not least, a couple of coworkers and I will be shaving our heads this weekend for the 2nd Annual Be Brave and Shave event! The money raised through this event goes towards cancer research at Children’s National Medical Center. We have raised almost $4,000 this week and hope to hit our $5,000 goal by Sunday! If you are able to donate some cash to a great cause please do! More info at the link!

Took a few quick headshots (and I do mean quick… four people in 15 minutes) and came up with our page’s photo.

Be Brave and Shave Group


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