One Picture’s Journey

This post comes a bit late but I’ve definitely been busy juggling work, school, and shooting!


I took this picture a while back during former Miss Virginia’s visit to our clinic. It was actually a candid that I was able to capture – the planets definitely aligned on this one.  The expressions, placement, and lighting (580 EX II bounced off ceiling) all made for a great image.

A few weeks after taking the picture and sharing it with those involved I received an e-mail from Hopecam requesting permission to use the image on their website. After a few messages back and forth it was proudly displayed as the feature photo on their website, where it remained for quite some time. The image is still on the front page, but you might have to wait a slide or two to see it.

Shortly after, I received a call from Steve Cahill, Editor for the Fairfax Times. He had seen the photo and wanted to purchase print rights for it. After discussing terms we were able to come to an agreement and the photo was printed in the following week’s issue as a three column front page image.

Not too long after that,  guess which image and article popped up in the Washington Post?

Quite a journey for an image that pretty much plopped itself down in front of me!

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