Lucy’s Music Pit

I had the pleasure of photographing a few bands last night during an event at The Soundry in Vienna, Virginia. Lucy’s Music Pit boasted an astoundingly impressive 17 local acts that played from 6 pm on Saturday the 6th to 6 a.m. on Sunday the 7th. For those who have yet to visit The Soundry, go! I consider it the friendliest and most supportive hub for musicians, artists, and their fans in the area. Their staff is incredibly friendly as well.

On to the pictures!

All were taken with ambient (stage) light @ ISO6400. It is truly amazing how the 5DII handles noise at such high ISO.

The Family Plots

John Sfara (Guitar, Lead Vocals) Emily Guagliardi (Vocals) James Colvin (Bass, Vocals), Jon Flanders (Lead Guitar) Matt Fusiek (Drums) Eli Roberts (Melodica, Theremin, etc.)

Phoebe Novak

Plastic Plants (formerly Herd of Birds)

Jon Flanders (Guitar, Lead Vocals), Reis DeBruyne (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Sean Meyers (Bass, Vocals), Nate Read (Drums/Percussion)

The Howls 

Josh Johnston (Guitar, Lead Vocals), Sean Meyers (Bass, Vocals), Nate Read (Drums/Percussion, Vocals), Ben Hirsch (every stringed instrument possible, Vocals)

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