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20 Nov 2015

DJ Nicar

DJ Nicar is a DJ and music producer who works and lives in the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia metro region) and puts out amazing work. Nicar is currently the co-executive producer of the #DMVRising project by DJ Chris Styles of WPGC 95.5 FM and 94.7 Fresh FM. Not only is he a cool dude and a great talent, he’s fluent in American Sign Language – not something you’d expect with a DJ! Nicar contacted me and let me know that he needed a […]

13 Nov 2014

July Talk at the Rock and Roll Hotel

July Talk is an awesome Canadian band blues-influenced rock band with a cool, unique sound. Members: Peter Dreimanis on guitar and vocals, singer Leah Fay, guitarist Ian Docherty, bassist Josh Warburton and drummer Danny Miles. How’d I describe them? It’s as if a young Tom Waits found his June Carter and started a grit-blues rock band, except June’s now an uninhibited, manic pixie who defines sexiness and cool. July Talk was touring with The Rural Alberta Advantage in support of […]

12 Sep 2014

Against Me! at the 9:30 Club

Against Me! is awesome and their latest album Transgender Dysphoria Blues (Amazon Link), is just as great. This is their first album since Laura Jane Grace’s public coming out as transgender and you can hear a myriad of conflicting emotions as the album plays. I saw Against Me! this past May at Rams Head Live and it was probably the best show I have ever been to. The energy of the band and the crowd was celebratory, explosive, and entirely infectious. The bumps and […]

19 May 2014

The MetroTones and the Infinite Cheesiness.

  The MetroTones are a top 40 cover band based in the Washington, D.C. area. Rebecca, Ryan, Paul, and John cover a really broad range of music with songs by the Beastie Boys, No Doubt, Prince, The Clash, 50 Cent, and more. They will be playing the NOVABrewFest in Loudoun this year and list their shows on their Facebook. Check them out! I shot the MetroTones yesterday to create a few promo photos. They had a very specific theme in mind – […]

09 Aug 2013

These Songs Are For You – Celebrating The Life of Sean Albert Meyers Part II @ Jammin’ Java – July 27th

The last entry I posted covered the first night of a two-day memorial event for Sean Meyers. Sean was the awesome amazing bassist for local band Norman Rockwell, super great open mic host, and all-around good guy. This extra short entry is for night two. Enjoy! Here is the link to the Facebook Gallery (low quality image).

04 Aug 2013

These Songs Are For You – Celebrating The Life of Sean Albert Meyers Part I @ Jammin’ Java – July 26th

This past weekend I had the great opportunity of covering a two-day memorial event at Jammin’ Java. “These Songs For You – Celebrating The Life of Sean Albert Meyers” was a follow up show thought up of by Normal Rockwell drummer (and all around great guy) Nate Read. You may remember that I shot the State Theatre show in Sean’s honor earlier in February. The idea behind this two-part show was to have musicians who knew Sean cover a number of his […]

07 Feb 2013

The Sean Meyers Memorial Extravaganza: The Family Plots

This past Friday I had the pleasure of watching some of my amazing friends perform at The State Theatre in Falls Church in memory of an amazing guy, Sean Meyers. Sean was the bassist of one of the performing bands, Norman Rockwell. I knew Sean originally from the Soundry in Vienna, Virginia – he hosted a great open mic there for years before it migrated to Epicure Cafe in Fairfax after the Soundry sadly closed its doors. Sean was an amazing and […]

23 May 2012

Jammin’ Java, May 8, 2012 – Norman Rockwell, Derek Evry, 4ontheFloor

I had the pleasure of shooting Norman Rockwell for their Jammin’ Java show with Derek Evry and the Minnesota band The 4ontheFloor. It was an awesome show, Norman Rockwell gets better and more polished with each show they play. Derek Evry’s set was great as well and the touring band from Minnesota closed the show with a colossal bang. I’m going to keep this one short, here are the photos (you can click each photo to enlarge), enjoy! Norman Rockwell […]

22 Apr 2012

Norman Rockwell… Rocks Well

Last night I had the pleasure of covering Norman Rockwell‘s show at The State Theatre in Falls Church, Virginia. One of the finest bands local to the Washington, D.C. area, the headliners were joined by fellow local acts The Independent and Mokey Doris. If you haven’t made it to a Norman Rockwell show yet… you really should. Click here for an epic gallery of Norman Rockwell from the show. I shot the show with my Canon 5D Mark II. While […]

09 Apr 2012

Introducing: Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell is a very talented local band that includes members frontman Joshua Johnston, lead guitarist/mandolin/fiddle/banjo/et. al player Ben Hirsch , bassist Sean Meyers, and drummer Nathan Read. If you have seen them play live you know the energy and charm they possess – if you haven’t then you should do yourself a favor and definitely check them out (show info on website and end of blog post). We shot this session outdoors to match the Americana sound and feel […]