The 2015 Timmy Awards

Guess who was the photographer covering the 2015 Timmy Awards? This guy.

The Timmys are held to recognize the best places for technology professionals to work and are held by Tech in Motion, a national events organization for tech enthusiasts created by Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates. Categories for awards included Best Tech Startup, Best Tech Manager, and Best Tech Work Culture. There were also a number of companies holding demos at the event, which was open bar (ooh), and had a ton of attendees.

Event photography is a lot of fun but can be very challenging. Lighting changes all the time, it can be a little hard to navigate from point A to B, and one really needs to be able to anticipate moments in order to catch them in time.  It is also very important to keep an eye on the time and having a list of the night’s events. Working as an event photographer is always a ton of fun, especially when the energy of the day is as great as it was at the Timmy Awards.

Images were captured with my Canon 5D III  paired with either a 24-70 f/2.8LII or a 70-200 f/2.8LII.

Congratulations to all of the organizers, nominees, and winners of the 2015 Timmy Awards!

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