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17 Apr 2012

Farewell, OV-103

Today was the final flight of Space Shuttle Discovery. Piggybacked (well… technically “mated” with o__o) on a modified Boeing 747, Discovery left Kennedy Space Center at daybreak and made a journey around D.C. before finally landing at Washington-Dulles International Airport. Discovery‘s final destination will be in the most excellent Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy Center where it will replace the Space Shuttle Enterprise (which had actually never been in space… long story). I arrived at the Udvar-Hazy Center around 8:30 a.m. and joined […]

04 Oct 2011

Welcoming the Fall

The weather’s changin’ and the leaves will soon follow suit. Here are a few photos taken here and there to celebrate the coming change. Click on each for the larger version! This photograph was taken at ┬áMaymont Park in Richmond, Virginia, though it seems as if it could have been taken from the other side of the globe. Maymont is a 100-acre property that is open to the public and is incredibly beautiful. There are multiple personalities to the property […]

09 Sep 2011

Point of Rocks, MF Style

My new favorite way to spend time alone is to throw my medium format gear into the car and drive until I figure out where I want to be. The next time you find yourself at home with nothing to do (or even worse… spending your time doing nothing worthwhile!) consider going for a drive with a camera. It is surprisingly liberating and I promise that you will rediscover your sense of adventure. Point of Rocks is a beautiful and […]

01 Sep 2011

Annandale Community Park

As many of you may know, I have been doing a good amount of my time lately working on personal projects. On Monday I challenged myself to go out with a single roll of 120 for thirty minutes and to come back happy with all ten exposures. I went to Annandale Community Park in Annandale, Virginia. I chose this park because of its heavy tree cover, the direction of the sun in the afternoon, and because of its size. Though […]

06 Apr 2011

Spring is Back

The daffodils are here!

04 Apr 2011

Fountainhead Regional Park

Marisa and I have been hiking every week for the past two months or so. It’s a great way to exercise, relieve stress, enjoy nature, bond, and find photo-ops! It is simply amazing the things you’d miss if you didn’t take the time to look around.

17 Mar 2011

Burnt Mills Dam

I had a class in Silver Spring, Maryland this past Tuesday and made note of a very scenic dam off of Colesville Road. I definitely made a point to stop and take a few snaps on the way home. These shots are of Burnt Mills Dam, which is a part of the┬áRachel Carson Greenway Trail. Shot with a 5DII and 17-40 f/4 L with B+W circular polarizing and ND8 filters. Please feel free to click on each image to view […]