Claire L.
I first came across Jae's photography when he responded to a fellow poster on the r/nova sub-reddit. I loved his portfolio, so we he responded to my own inquiry about a wedding photographer I was thrilled. Jae has a unique ability to capture people as they really are, which was something I could see from his website. This continued to be true for the multitude of pictures he took at my wedding (and he went above and beyond in the number of photos he provided at no extra charge). This was very important to me because I had virtually no pictures of myself and my husband and now I have a many beautiful, professional, intimate photographs to share with him and others.

Jae has a wonderful personality and is a joy to work with and be around. This is important, because you need a photographer who can set you at ease. He is also a professional and skilled business person. He is extremely affordable, especially considering the quality of his work. And he deftly handled my lawyer father's parsing of his pretty impenetrable contract. His patience and reliability were both flawless and much appreciated.

If I ever need professional photos again he will be the first person I contact, or the first I refer others to. My wedding only happened 14 days ago and I'm already thinking of excuses for another photo shoot. I really cannot recommend Jae highly enough. You will not be disappointed with either the quality of service or the quality of the product.
Devon C. - Tech in Motion
I learned about Jae after he responded to my request on The first thing I noticed about Jae was just how great he was at communication. He responded quickly, asked important questions and made sure we understood each other's needs. His portfolio was extremely impressive and I knew that he would be the right photographer for our event. He was prompt and even with a foot injury, wasn't impeded. He made sure to get a wide variety of shots and took a lot more than I imagined he would. His personality was great and he was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was professional, flexible, patient and enjoyable. Jae is a great guy with an eye for great shots. Next time we need a photographer, I plan to campaign heavily on behalf of Jae. If you need a photographer, definitely get in touch with him. He makes the experience that much better and that much less stressful. It was truly a pleasure to work with him and I have no doubt that he will exceed all expectations you have, his quality of service is top-notch.
Alex T.
My fiance hired Jae to photograph our proposal at the Lincoln Memorial, and he knocked it out of the park. I was blown away by the moments he was able to capture during the proposal, and he took beautiful photographs of us afterwards as well. What stood out to me was that he was able to capture genuine emotion, even in the pictures that we posed for. I think couple photos very often come across as staged and cheesy, but the images Jae gave us were very authentic and truly romantic. We posted a few of his photos to Facebook when we announced the engagement, and we have gotten countless texts and emails telling us how gorgeous the photos are. My fiance was also very impressed with how communicative and easy to work with Jae was. We couldn't be happier with the job that he did!

When I think of Jae Yi, I think of someone who is reliable, professional, and creative.

To date, Jae Yi and I have worked together on two different projects, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is an excellent communicator, responding to my questions and concerns in a very timely fashion. When I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted during our first project together, he expertly guided me through the process, and I was so pleased with the results.

When I needed a photographer a second time, I didn't consider anyone else, and again, I was thrilled with the final product. The quality of his work speaks for itself, but Jae is so much more than a photographer. He excels at customer service and is an amazing collaborator. I can absolutely say that Jae will be an asset to any project.

Katrina V. - The Reilly Group, Inc.
J. Yi Photography is truly wonderful! We have used him for our nonprofits Capitol Hill Lobby Day and related events for a number of years and he provides a really professional and high quality product. Additionally for professional events, his demeanor fits perfectly into the environment and has the right combination of assertive to take candid photos as well as make sure to keep the appropriate flow of the event.

Additionally he was kind enough to take a beautiful professional headshot for me during a past event to use on LinkedIn. What I'd say is that I've had a variety taken over the years, and his product in 5 minutes of a shoot was much better than previous photoshoots!

I'm disappointed that I did not know of the extent of his services until after my wedding because I would have surely used him!
David J. - The Eating Disorders Coalition
I have had the pleasure of working with Jae for several of our events. He is a consummate professional, cares a great deal about his work and the subject matter at hand, and his works comes out great. I highly recommend him for your next photography session or need.
Cathy B. - Giant Leaps Creative
I recently worked with Jae Yi for some headshots. I found him to be professional, courteous, fun, and very thorough and conscientious about making sure I got what I needed from the shoot. I felt very comfortable working with him and confident in his abilities. His follow up was wonderful too. Very communicative, kind and "Johnny on the spot." Overall professional and great experience with a fantastic end product. I would recommend him to anyone. 🙂 You will not be disappointed!
Mike U. - Urban Designs
Jae worked with my team and I for professional head shots. It was a great overall experience and he has a good eye with the camera which enabled us to quickly get to the right shots, thus minimizing the amount of time spent taking and reviewing pictures. That said, he made sure we were happy with them and was willing to keep going until we were. He has a nice well rounded portfolio and I recommend anyone to check him out for their personal and professional photography needs.
Sophocles G. - Sophtgrafix, LLC
Jae Yi is one you have to work with. I have had the pleasure of not only having a professional headshot from him, but have assisted with him on photoshoots. He is professional, flexible with projects, and everything feels natural as he flows through the process and delivers an amazing polished product. From small individual needs to larger productions I highly suggest working with him. I will continue to have him be my first point of contact for any photographic need.
John S.
I have worked with Jae two times already and each time went flawlessly. He always showed up on time and communicated within a timely manner, which is key! I asked Jae to cover my birthday/housewarming party and the photos came out PERFECT. One of the many things I enjoyed was the fact that he is flexible with payments. We communicated and worked out a perfect rate. Also as everyone else says, he is a great guy! Very outgoing friendly personality. Overall I have had a great experience with Jae and if anyone is looking for a professional photographer, look no further, Jae is the guy!
Greg P.
Jae recently helped capture my proposal to my fiancé at the DC War Memorial. The pictures that he took came out absolutely perfect. He managed to frame the scene perfectly, and it looks like something out of a movie. My fiancé absolutely loves the photos and I have found her looking at them regularly. Not only were the photos incredible, Jae also did a great job of stealthily capturing the moment without her having any idea that I was about to propose, or that the moment was being caught on camera. Jae was easy to work with in setting up the details of the proposal, very punctual (extremely important when it comes to something like this), and overall just a very cool and friendly guy.
Cody S.
A couple months ago, I posted on Reddit to get some advice for proposing to my girlfriend in Washington DC. I mentioned that she was a big fan of candid proposal photos, so I was also looking for someone who could step up to the task.

Fortunately for me, a few photographers from the area popped into the comments offering to help me out, including Jae. After some back and forth with a few of the photographers, I could tell Jae was the perfect fit.

Jae was great at communicating everything and even gave some great choices for dinner in DC - far beyond what I'd expect a photographer to do. His previous experience with proposal shoots really helped seal the deal as well.

We planned the proposal for the DC War Memorial (which I had no idea existed until Jae and a few Reddit users suggested it), and Jae arrived pretty early to nail down everything on his end.

To be honest, I didn't even notice Jae setup in front of the memorial until well after we got there. Maybe it was because it was dark outside and the interior of the monument is lit up. Or maybe it was the nerves leading up to the proposal. Either way, neither of us even noticed.

The pictures looked phenomenal! Everyone we showed the pictures to loves them! The best part? They were waiting in my inbox when we woke up the next morning. That's some seriously quick turnaround!

It's hard to trust someone with taking photos of such a quick event, but Jae nailed it. I couldn't have asked for a better night and Jae topped it off perfectly.
Lindsay N.
My husband and I were so lucky to find Jae! We were looking for a photographer to cover our small, courthouse wedding and it was really important to us that we get good photos to send to all the friends and family who weren't able to make it.

Jae was great: before the event, he stayed in touch with us through email and took the time to find out about our tastes and styles so that he could prepare to take they kind of pictures we wanted. He was really friendly and knowledgeable throughout the shoot with a ton of great ideas. Afterwards, he returned the pictures to us in less than half the time he had originally estimated and we were thrilled with the results. We've been burned by poor photographers before, so we were pretty nervous about hiring someone we didn't know. Jae's portfolio convinced us that he was talented and we have never regretted hiring him.

Fantastic photographer, fantastic photos. Great experience!
Jackie S.

Jae was the photographer at my wedding and I must say I couldn't be happier with the service he provided. I was the typical bride: full of questions, concerns and a bit stressed out but Jae was very patient and kept in touch with me via email, facebook and text message- always responded promptly!

Jae arrived early at the ceremony to take test photos and to familiarize himself with the area. While taking the family photos, my husband and I were a bit tense/nervous but Jae was calm and confident which helped us to relax and smile 🙂 Every single picture he took was beautiful. He did an amazing job capturing all the special moments like saying our vows, exchanging rings and the kiss! Thanks to Jae, my husband and I will have the most beautiful wedding album to cherish forever.

Ahmed M.
Jae Yi is a professional and courteous photographer who went above and beyond in servicing our business' needs. He provided high quality edited photographs and videos and was very timely in their delivery.

A knowledgeable photographer who is also very reasonable with his prices. Highly recommended for any business owner or entrepreneur.

My Website:
Kate G.

Jae is the man!  He was super flexible with his time and always professional. He made  us feel at ease while still maintaining a professional attitude. I'd strongly advise anyone looking for stellar pictures to consider Jae!

Erin Y.
Jae is as professional as it gets!  I had a private photo shoot with him, which I was quite nervous about.  It's easy to cheese for friends, but when you have a professional photographer with professional equipment, I tensed up walking into it.  All of my fears and insecurities melted away within minutes!Jae is experienced and has a sharp eye.  I had soo much fun during our shoot that I was a little sad when the shoot was over.

The pictures came quick and I was over the moon!  They were tasteful and elegant.  He captured my personality and I couldn't have asked for a better photographer!  I will definitely recommend Jae to anyone looking for a photographer!
Lindsay R.
This entire experience was fantastic. Jae is kind,courteous and took some really terrific shots of a very special occasion for my daughter. I asked for lots of family photos, details shots, and pictures of the kids... all of which I got and then some. Thank you, Jae, for being there for a very, very important day for our family. We can't wait to hire him again.
Cheryl U.
Really appreciate Jae's attention to detail and his patience to capture my perfect professional photo.  He is very professional, had all his equipment ready and on time for my appointment and was kind, made me feel relaxed, and sent completed portfolio back to me in a timely fashion.
Sara A.
I've known Jae through a mutual friend and had always admired his talent. After going through a huge transformation I wanted to do a shoot to celebrate and Jae helped me in this! I had such a great experience and had so much fun! Jae is a wonderful person with an extraordinary talent, we're already planning my next shoot and I couldn't be more thrilled!!
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